05 May

Australian cinnamon, does it exist?

Hi everyone Lynne here,

Today I am trialling a new type of hot drink for my afternoon thoughts, a golden latte! Made with cinnamon, turmeric and black pepper and it got me thinking.

We have been looking for a cinnamon farmer since we started Get Farmed so I thought it may be time to share with you the reason why we are so desperate for one.

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10 Apr

What’s a Micro Co-op?

Welcome to Get Farmed! News,

I’m Lynne, the founder behind the Get Farmed! brand. Pop the kettle on and settle in.

I’ve got an idea that I’d like to introduce to you, it involves a new way of supporting our Aussie Farming products.
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03 Apr

Even Goldilocks needs her sleep

Some mornings it is just hard to get out of bed…thank goodness my husband bought me a cuppa in bed this morning.

As the mornings get cooler in the south of Australia thoughts turn to warm porridge oats for breakfast, but sometimes even Goldilocks needs to change things up, so I thought I would share with you five creative uses for our Get Farmed Porridge oats.

And I promise not to judge if you are reading this in bed, under the doona, drinking your cuppa that was made just for you.

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28 Mar

Finding our WHY

Welcome to Get Farmed! News,

I’m Lynne, the founder and owner of Get Farmed! and lately I’ve been thinking about the WHY of Get Farmed!

Today’s beverage of choice is a good strong cup of Aussie tea, from an old fashioned tea pot, because what else would you have when thinking about your WHY?

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05 Mar

The secret is out of the (bean) bag

Welcome to Get Farmed! News,

This week we are settling into our bean bags with a cup of lemon & honey tea to talk about Fava beans.

As you may or may not be aware, we here at Get Farmed are super proud of something we like to call our Fava Bean Supersnack.

And what makes this tasty little wholesome snack so super you ask? 
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28 Feb

A city family in the country

Welcome to Get Farmed! News,

Time to pop the kettle on and settle in. I’ve got a great story for you about our recent family trek around the country visiting our favourite Get Farmed! farmers.

It started with an enthusiastic family setting off and ended with a drugged up daughter and a bogged farm truck…
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