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I’m Lynne, the founder behind the Get Farmed! range of products, and I ‘d love to share my story with you.

Before having a family, I was professionally engaged to promote Australian food ingredients to food manufacturers in Asia. This was a role that I relished because as a food scientist, I was communicating an Australian food story that I truly believed. I was proud of Australia’s high quality, pure food products, born out of such a clean, green environment.

So it was only natural when I became a mother that I developed a heightened sensitivity for the need for healthy, natural food. Whilst trying to find the right nutritious foods for my family, I realised that a rapidly increasing proportion of food products and ingredients are being sourced from overseas.

The idea that the nourishing bounty produced by Australian farmers was being by-passed was the tipping point in inspiring me to take action. Hence, Get Farmed! the food brand with a mission was born.

Our mission is simple: Provide healthy, natural foods sourced locally with honesty, integrity and sustainability to support our Australian farmers.


Lynne - Get Farmed! Founder

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